Storytelling for Sales

Best Sellers are good Storytellers and we can help any seller improve their storytelling skills

What is it?

Storytelling for Sales is a comprehensive six-month program that will help sellers become star performers. We begin by showing sales managers how to be better story coaches. We then conduct a one or two-day workshop where sellers work on live opportunities – this is not time away from selling – followed by a Deliberate Practice Program that includes coaching and weekly activities to embed their new skills. We will even help find 25 cracking stories for sellers to tell.

What will sellers learn?

  • Sellers will learn how to use their own stories as well as stories from their company to establish rapport, build credibility, demonstrate value and ask for the business.
  • You’ll learn how you can’t beat a problematic story with a fact – it can only be beaten by a better story. You’ll learn how to make your own stories even better. And just as importantly, you’ll find out when not to tell a story.
  • Each lesson will help you in a very practical way, providing you with story techniques to close your own opportunities more quickly.

What sorts of outcomes can I expect?

Faster connection with your prospect

Greater buy-in for your solution across the organization because everyone knows and can tell its story

Fewer roadblocks because anti-stories are overcome with better stories

A longer, more-trusted relationship with your buyer

A faster sale because the buyer is emotionally engaged in the process

More sellers operating at the star-performer level.

Storytelling for Sales Participants include

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