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High Impact Presentation Workshops

What is it?

Our workshop on Presentation skills is focused on helping the participants to prepare concise messages,
Practice the delivery and Perform with stage presence and confidence by leveraging real situations with clients

What will I learn?

Understand your audience well
Story boarding with powerful messaging

  • Create powerful visual aids that support the central message
  • Practice to engage with the audience and learn to hold the room
  • Recognize ways to demonstrate confidence while presenting, handling impromptu situations and Q&A
  • ULearn to create an impact for all situations – face to face meetings, virtual and phone discussions

How is the training conducted?

The one- or two-days in person group workshop is a practical, hands-on session. Within the first 30 minutes, participants will be engaging with each other and on their feet

What sorts of outcomes can I expect?

  • How to create and deliver an impactful presentation with minimum content
  • How to engage an audience and hold their attention
  • Broadway to Business – Some great techniques from theater world on how to stand, poise, voice, gestures and more.
  • Walk out ready for an upcoming client or internal corporate presentation


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