Presence Workshop

What is it?

Our workshop on Building Executive Presence is focused on helping leaders to establish and
demonstrate credibility, trust, gravitas, confidence and humility

What will I learn?

  • Key aspects that help build Executive Presence
  • Build Credibility and Trust through authentic communication
  • High Stake conversations
  • Being Assertive and not Aggressive
  • Power of Empathy and listening
  • Personal Presence – Body Language, Voice, gravitas

How is the training conducted?

The 1-2 day in person group workshop is a practical, hands-on session. Within the first 30 minutes, participants will be engaging with each other and making short,crisp executive pitches

What sorts of outcomes can I expect?

  • How to build Executive Presence – Credibility, Trust, confidence, Empathy and humility
  • How to engage am executive audience and hold their attention
  • Broadway to Business – Some great techniques from theater world on how to stand, poise, voice, gestures and more.
  • Walk out with several techniques that can be applied immediately for an upcoming leadership meeting, town hall with employees or investor presentations


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