Sales Talent Hiring

It has been observed that half of the hiring decision end up in Mis-hires (Top grading by Bradford D Smart). This is further supported by the survey results and research done by Aberdeen Group (2013) stating that having the right people in the right roles is critical for the success of the Organizations performance.

Sales hiring managers seems to not have the right competencies to make those decisions and a clear need for coaching them to hire right talent is one of the major finding of my research. Infact, it has been found that many a times the talent assessment to hire an “A” player seems to be done by a “B” level Sales hiring manager that often ends up in “A” player not wanting to join the Organization. This is further supported by the research done by, Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield Jones and Beth Axelrod.

In summary, in today’s fast moving digital world, hiring managers need to leverage the time with the candidates to see if there is an opportunity for mutual learning and skills and competencies that can add value to the entire eco system if their company.

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