About Us

We are an end to end talent transformation company that partners with clients in developing leaders that can inspire, influence and make an impact.

Our Values

SPIRIA was founded with a clear mission to make a difference in people’s professional lives by enabling their learning and leadership journey through the “S”pirit to “P”ersevere with “I”ntegrity “R”espect, “I’ngenuity and “A” spiration

Meet The Founder

Param Venkat – Founder and CEO

An executive coach and trainer with focus on leadership talent transformation

Param is an executive coach, business storyteller and a certified facilitator. As a coach and trainer, he finds a purpose and passion in enabling mid to senior level executives to become leaders that can inspire, influence and create an impact in their professional network.

During his 20 years in sales leadership roles, he advised, consulted and led the pursuit for large, high stake presentations with fortune 500 firms globally that resulted in establishing mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationships. He brings each of those personal experiences and stories to his workshops. He is trained in executive coaching from the Columbia University NYC, a certified storyteller and an ATD certified trainer.

Our Engagement Process

  • Our leadership engages with the client to understand the specific outcomes expected from the program
  • We then select facilitator/trainer from our professional network and engage in a 3-way conversation with us and the client to agree on content and delivery model
  • Our unique value is in qualifying the right trainer, program managing the delivery and supporting the trainer with client’s audience specific relevance and impact
  • Feedback, follow-ups, specific follow-up coaching needs and metrics
  • Other Support to the client Leadership talent development team with respect to providing moderators and admin staff to make the program successful.

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