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SPIRIA’s Executive Coaching practice is focused on enabling leadership development in the new fast growing digital age. We partner with clients in building a powerful relationship that offers a space for open, challenging and progressive conversations leading to tangible and actionable results. We leverage the industry leading Columbia University’s coaching framework with its three pillars of Context, Conduct and Content.

In nutshell, SPIRIA is a team of Executive coaches and leadership trainers coming from diverse corporate backgrounds with a laser focus in enabling leadership development for mid to senior level executives by leveraging best-in-class coaching process and frameworks

Why You need an Executive Coach?

An executive coach is someone you can discuss, debate and help get clarity for your overall thought process

  • Someone that helps leverage your strengths to achieve your professional and personal goals

Someone that is purely focused on your agenda and helps you take away your insecurities

Someone that constantly keeps you on track with your goals and helps unlock your full potential and succeed.

Our Approach for Executive Coaching

While we customize the coaching approach based on the client preferences and the engagement goals, we often in general follow the industry leading Columbia university executive coaching process

The highly practical, collaborative and results focused approach is grounded in the science of individual and organizational behavior. It consists of 3 phases: Context, Conduct and Content

Our strategy as an Executive Coach is to listen intently, ask probing questions and apply useful exercises to empower our clients to determine their own direction. As Galileo said: “you cannot teach humans anything…you can only help them discover it within themselves

Our Executive Coaching Services focus areas:

  • On-boarding /Integration Coaching – Help new executives to integrate and settle into the new firm
  • Leadership and Professional development
  • Transition Coaching –  Transition readiness for new roles, move up and move out planning and execution as well clients that are getting back into the career track after a gap
  • Perception management – Peers, Supervisors and overall transformation from Doer to Leader

The combination of our Executive Coaching principals and background experience are targeted toward tangible results like below:

  • Clients can expect to achieve better focus on goals and solutions with less Distraction
  • Improved relationships with peers, subordinates and superiors
  • Improved conflict resolution skills; better time and energy management; and overall leadership development, professional development and career growth

Client organizations can expect to achieve a better working environment, improved employee relations, less turnover, high productivity and increased efficiency and profitability. Studies have shown that Executive Coaching provides a compelling value proposition, with a significant return on investment